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ANSI C sources

Fast median search
This page describes several efficient methods to find the median value out of a set of numeric values (whatever their type), benchmarks them and offers several sample sources to download.
gnuplot API
This module is a popular interface in ANSI C to the great gnuplot plotting tool.
Big/Little endian determination
This is often a worry in the development of truly portable software. This page tries to give some solutions to detect endian-ness at run-time, compile-time, and offers some fast and portable byte-swapping mechanisms.
iniParser: ini file parser in ANSI C
Ini files are very simple ASCII files used to store user-defined configuration variables. They originated in the Windows world and are very appreciated by users who need to configure software and do not want to learn yet another configuration syntax. This module offers a parser for such files, which is hopefully easy to use for programmers.
Extended memory management with POSIX
This module offers to extend the amount of memory available to malloc/calloc to the greatest amount supported by the processor, no matter how much true memory (RAM or swap) is available on the machine. This translates to a 2Gb or 4Gb limit on a 32-bit machine, and insanely high values on a 64-bit machine.
Run-time function call tree with gcc
This simple module adds tracing capabilities to programs compiled with gcc. A short Python module is used to display the results.
dict: a stand-alone string/string dictionary in C
This single-file implementation offers a stand-alone string/string associative array, similar to a Python dictionary or a Perl hash. The implementation is derived from the Python dictionary with some additional tweaks and optimizations due to the string/string specialization.
tcgi: CGI engine for GET/POST requests
A lightweight implementation of a parser for CGI requests coming from a web server. It supports GET and POST and will correctly parse form data, both URL-encoded and multipart. This parser requires dict to run.
mmapi: an mmap/munmap interface
This source offers a pair of functions as a hopefully simpler interface to mmap/munmap.

Image Processing

The Lena story
Always wanted to know the story behind the most popular image used for image processing? Read it here.